About Cal-Palm Growers, Inc.

"Cal-Palm is dedicated to growing the finest Kentia Palms anywhere. We take great pride in the quality of our product.."

Our Story:
We realized no serious consideration had ever been given to the growing needs of the Kentia Palm in the U.S., so we took off for the south seas to an island just east of Brisbane, Australia. Lord Howe island is the only place indigenous to the Kentia since the seeds had been carried in the latter part of the 19th century to Australia and other parts of the world. We believe the strongest plant can be developed from the seed of the mother plant on Lord Howe. This became the first element in the foundation for the growing of our palms. We considered the second element needed to focus on the soil. Our grower, Eleazar Blanco, has developed a special soil mix, similar to the composition on Lord Howe.

"Because of our efforts in providing the optimal environment and choosing the best seedlings, we can proudly say we produce the only real quality Kentia Palm in the U.S."

The third element of our growing concepts concerns that of the shade needed. With the special shade material, degree of shade, and Southern California climate, we provide the Kentias with the same environment as that on Lord Howe.

All of these elements have come together to produce the finest Kentia Palms in the U.S.