The Preferred Kentia
The Kentia Palm is the finest indoor palm grown, and Cal-Palm Growers, Inc. excels in bringing that superiority to you.

Cal-Palm is the leading grower of Kentia Palms in the U.S. We get the majority of our seedlings directly from the first generation Kentia Palms on Lord Howe Island, which allows us to grow the sturdiest, healthiest, and most elegant palms.

Kentias are popular with both interior plantscape companies and landscape gardeners; with nurserymen, florists, interior decorators and set designers. They are commonly found at the best addresses, and in the best hotels and motels throughout the world.

We started our company in 1993, and our crop of Kentias has now reached full maturity with a complete line of Kentias available. All plants are grown at Cal-Palm. At this site, we provide information on our company, Kentia Palm care, and Lord Howe Island.

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